I had a huge issue with accommodation in Jasper, I originally booked a HI way out of the town center with no way of getting there, so I canceled this and opted for the one in the town centre what also turned out not to be there and more of up a mountain only 10minutes away from the sky gondola.

That turned out ok what didn’t was the fact that they only had one night available and the next cheapest option was a £90 hotel that’s GPB not CAD. Not only was it £90 a night they charged me double saying they didn’t get a payment from booking.com, I have now sorted this, but it didn’t have its own bathroom! I was looking forward to a soak and a wine seen as I had to have a hotel room but no a shared bathroom, luckily it did have a bath and I didn’t give a shit who was waiting to use it. this was the Athabasca Hotel.
Moral of the story, check on google maps where your hotel/hostel is and book well in advance when it comes to Canada.

On the plus side with your HI membership card, you get a discount on the gondola up Whistler mountain in Jasper and you get a discount with tour companies in the area.

*Side note they turned the dorm room light out at 8pm every night I was so happy!!!

With the above in mind I started my day with a short walk up to the gondola station, it was raining and this very nice old English couple stopped and offered me a lift the rest of the way up, turned out to be just around the corner but still so nice and their generosity didn’t end there they stayed with me the rest of the morning and got me a hot chocolate from Starbucks and gave me a lift back to the hostel!

BeFunky Collaged

That morning I booked a tour with malign tours and did you guessed it the malign canyon and lake, you stop at another point for photos and to medicine lake on the tour too as well as having the option to do the lake cruise to the island where you get the picture perfect photo and they stop for any wildlife you may see on the way, we saw Moose! a whole family in fact.

BeFunky Collagek

And that my friends was my full day in Jasper it was a really good day all in all still no bear sightings but I got to see Moose and met a lovely couple who bought me a hot chocolate, If you have read my last post you will know I did a lot on my way into Jasper the day before too.



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