Due to the lack of public wifi and real people in the transit terminals I got well and truly lost in Edmonton looking for my hostel 4 hours of being lost in fact, and as it turns out from the Grayhound station it would have only been a $20 taxi ride.

But anyway I still wanted to give Edmonton a mention just so you guys don’t get lost like I did and because the hostel was one of the best I’ve stayed in so here goes.

So these directions are from the greyhound station if like me you don’t want to pay $20.

Greyhound > Free shuttle to Kingsway Station > The Train to University transit station > Bus 4 towards ….(this is where I got lost and ended up at the mall) to get to the HI Hostel. I’m hoping you know where the hostel is because I’ve forgotten the street you get off but it is only a 2min walk from the bus stop.

So what was so good about the hostel, well it was super clean and modern for a starter, the staff were very friendly and accommodating and the place was very large in size with lots of space in the living area, kitchen and eating area. You got a towel for free (when traveling for so long it so nice to have a fresh clean free towel) free tea and coffee with creamer and a cereal bar every morning, it would be near on perfect if it was a free breakfast every morning but sometimes you have to be happy with what you have.

*Some HI Hostels do have free breakfast, all the HI’s have different things going for them like some have discounts in areas, some have breakfast some have free tours but they are all equally as good.



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