If you’re coming into Calgary from the Grayhound you will need to have coins or card to pay for your train ticket to get to your hostel or hotel in the center.

To get there you just need to walk across the bridge to the train station (Sunalta Station) get the 202 Tuscany train and get off anywhere in the city that’s closest to your hotel/hostel if your staying at wicked hostels like me then get off at W4 Street and get the 201 train and get off at Victoria Park and wicked hostel is right across the road.

Wicket hostels was such a value for money hostel it was $33 per night and that included free breakfast (pancakes), free wifi, free printing and international phone calls as well as free laundry if you stay 3 nights or more. the staff are really accommodating and will help you out with anything you need as well as let you check in early if your bed is already done.

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The main thing I went to Calgary for was to go to the Olympic park where one of the winter Olympics were held, I would highly recommend this I’m, not a huge sports fan but it was still very interesting to walk around and see so if you love sports I’m sure you would love it all the more.

To get there from Victoria Park station or the main street in the center you get the train to Brentwood and then the bus 408 to Olympic drive, you have 2 stops here the museum or the main sports area.

The museum entry is $12 and is well worth it, it’s very interesting and fun with lots of interactive sections.

The main sports area is where the ski jumps and bobsled track is, when I went they were practicing the skeleton on the bobsled track and that was really cool to see. Also in this area, you have the bobsled from the movie cool runnings from the Jamaican team, I was super excited about getting to sit and get my picture in this.

*the train in the city centre is free so you can use it as much as you want but if you go out of the city you will have to pay and people do get on and check, if your headed to the Olympic park like me get your self a $10 day pass this works on the trains and the busses.



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