Vancouver Island

My original plan was to head to Whistler for 2 days once I got back to Vancouver however after finding out there was no snow to ski there I decided to just have a day trip there instead and that left me with a spare day and what better to do than go to Vancouver Island.

The tour I went with I can’t remember the name of it but it’s not important as it wasn’t that amazing in terms of a tour, I just searched cheap Vancouver Island tours and picked the first one and it was primarily aimed at Chinese tourists so everything was translated.

Personally, I would recommend having more time at Vancouver Island as a day trip is really rushed and you don’t get to see half of the things there, so if you can definitely go there for 2 days at the least.

The tour started early as you have to get the ferry port to get over to the island this took around 2 hours ish give or take 30mins, definitely take your own drinks and snacks not only is it more costly the ques are horrendous. You do get some really lovely views along the way to the Island and I even saw some whirlpools I didn’t think they were real for some reason. Once you get to the Island, different tours will do different orders but you will

BeFunky Collagec

Once you get to the Island, different tours will do different orders but you will get to see the same things for sure. We headed to the parliament building in Victoria here you have time to explore all around the area, you can go inside but it was closed when we went so we got more time to see the things around it. The next stop was food now this was made for Chinese so we went to a Chinese restaurant, I don’t like it so I went to A&W I’ve not tried this chain before and plus it was the only other place to eat in the area… It was ok nothing too amazing but the onion rings were really good. We then proceeded on to the Butchart gardens, stopping at mile 0 the beginning of the Canadian highway 1 that runs from west to east all the way. The Butchart gardens were so, so beautiful I’ve not seen flowers so bright and colourfull before ever, the gardens were just so amazingly done. There isn’t much more I can say about the Butchart gardens they were extremely beautiful but that was it walking around different types of gardens not much else to explain but definitely worth a visit for sure.



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