Whistler looks just like the cute little ski village that you every imagined it a ski village would look like, so beautiful and picture perfect.

I booked my tour of whistler on Viator.com is my go-to site for any tours I’m thinking of doing, and I picked a really good one, I got picked up at Canada place at around 8am after getting my Tims of course and the first stop was a waterfall on the way there and again if you’ve read any of my other blog posts you know how I feel about waterfalls, I’ve seen enough to last a lifetime I’m sorry.

Anyway we ended up in Whistler and did a quick tour of the place and got tickets to group the mountains there, so that was my first stop it was $60 for the ticket quite pricey but worth it as it included the gondola ride across to Blackcomb mountain and this is the longest gondola ride without support in the middle or something very cool indeed and the views were ok I suppose, just beautiful. I also finally got to see my Olympic rings here for the second time in Whistler just like the inukshuk 2 come along at once!

BeFunky Collagez

After the mountains i went walking around town and saw like I said above another inukshuk and another set of Olympic rings… the town has quite a lot to look around it with some really cute shops and places to eat, I went to the place known for the best poutine in Whistler but they ran out of cheese curds! so I ended up at KFC and got a $5 popcorn chicken poutine! with a large drink and cookie so not bad if you’re looking for something cheap and filling plus we definitely do not get popcorn chicken poutine in the UK I wish we did. After eating i sat down and just took in the town as it was a beautiful sunny day and waited for around 20mins to head for a free walk to see a lake, the missing lake it was called and it was really nice lake but I have to be honest it was probably my last chance to try and see bears and nothing well unless you count this one.

BeFunky Collageh

You have a full day with this tour to do what you wish from around 11:30 until around 5pm so a lot of time to do as you wish plus the guide will do a quick town tour and talk you on a walk to the lake.


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