Niagara Fall’s

My first stop in Toronto was to go to the Niagara Falls since I would be leaving the day after to head up to Ottawa we will get back to what I did in Toronto itself and start with the Niagara falls day trip I did.

Again I got this tour from its full of trips and tours for anywhere in the world, make sure to check it out. This was a small group tour and was really fun with a well informed and friendly guide, I had to get the bus from just around the corner to my hostel at the king hotel at 8:30am. Our first stop was a wine school, yes that’s right a school that teaches people all about wine and they have an onsite winery so we got to do some wine tasting they were all really good wines actually but my favourite was the frozen grape wine, I’ve never had this before but my god was it good its a lot thinker than normal wine and a hell of a lot sweeter, it was so good I even bought a bottle to take home and I never by alcohol on holidays or trips to take home, I just don’t see the point.

The main stop was the Niagara falls now I opted to save money and not do the boat trip under the falls or have the meal but they are two options if you have a little more money all though personally, I think the boat trip would be a great addition, however, there are lots of options to eat at Niagara that would be a lot cheaper, unless your wanting the 3 course meal that is. As I said I opted not to do this so I got dropped off at the falls and was given all day to explore until 3:15pm where as everyone else had 1-hour to look at the falls and then off for the meal and then on to the boat so not much time to explore the place.

BeFunky Collagea

I managed to go to Niagara on an absolute beaut of a day, it was lovely and warm with not a cloud in sight so after having a leisurely walk along the edge of the falls I headed for the main street what I had heard looked like a mini Vegas, and boy did it now I love things like this but I’m sure some people would just see cheese and think that it distracts from the main attraction but not me. All the sounds and smells took me back to my childhood thinking of my favourite place to holiday in England that is Skegness, Ingoldmells, It was like a child’s dream fast food, sugary goodness stalls, amusements and a whole lot more fun things but on a much bigger scale like Vegas but for children and families. It’s definitely worth having a wander around the area and maybe checking some things out along the street. I ended up getting a Wendys from here and taking it to the grass bank overlooking the falls. I got a triple cheeseburger meal here and my god it much bigger than the Mc D’s triple cheeseburger I was stuffed. After eating that monster burger I actually fell asleep on the grass in the heat of the sun and it was so relaxing I did have an hour to kill anyway.

BeFunky Collages

The next stop on the trip was to the historic town of Niagra on the lake, This was such a pretty little town although its what in England you would call a village but still very cute with really old looking buildings.I got told it looked like an English town, I’ve never seen an English town nor Village that looked that nice and that well done I can tell you. It also has a Christmas shop and they are my favorite kind of shop right after Sephora that is anyway. I and a girl had started chatting to walked extremely fast to look for the lake as we’d spent most of our time in the Christmas shop… it was huge so huge it didn’t look like a lake at all it looked more like the ocean, you just couldn’t see the other side but still worth a look.


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