The next stop on my trip was Ottawa now each stop on the east side I had 3Nights in and arrived at a reasonable time so I basically had 2 full days and a half of a day, however I’d just gotten in a bit of a stump and ended up only spending 1 full day exploring and the other day and a bit writing these blog posts and editing videos to play catch up.

So from the Grayhound coach terminal it’s around a 30minutle walk to the HI Ottawa jail hostel, yes that’s right a jail hostel, a hostel that was once a jail and it was such a good experience to stay in one. I stayed in a dorm room that had been converted from a couple of jail cell’s, it was really cool that next to the door it had the cell number and who last stayed in the cell as a prisoner. They had managed to keep all the old features but yet turn it into a functional hostel with free jail tours every morning from 11am showing you the bits they had converted and the bit’s that hadn’t and were still as they were all that time ago. Another plus to this hostel is the free breakfast was really good and lasted from 7:30 until 10:30am so along time to eat up for the day and they filled it up regular.

BeFunky Collageu

On my first full day here I got up and ate a good breakfast then waited until 11am for the free jail tour, this lasted around 45minutes after which I headed out walking to see all the sights that Ottawa had to offer. On a side note on Thursdays 5pm until 8pm a couple of the museums are free and the war museum is free every day from 4pm, I ended up luckily exploring on a Thursday so that meant I got free entry into the museum later that day so I already knew the plan for the end and the beginning I just needed to fill in the gaps. So I did this by checking on google the must-see things as and making my own walking route to see everything, I had dropped on another really sunny day so it wasn’t hurting to take my time and walk instead of getting busses. I had already decided not to spend money as much as possible so I didn’t go in any of the buildings that you had to pay to get in but looking at the outside architecture was really all I needed, it was beyond beautiful all the buildings and streets, in fact, the whole city was. I saw some of the art exhibits that are outside the art building, the Notredame basilica, the parliament building and then onto an outdoor art installation featuring huge sculptures made from plants that had been done for the 150th birthday for Canada and was free, unfortunately this finished on the 15th of October 2017 however there was petition for them to bring it back next year and it is looking likely with all the interest and people it fetched to Ottawa, so just keep looking out for that if your going.

BeFunky Collagevc

I finished all my walking a lot earlier than expected so I decided to sit and eat my lunch in the park under the sun waiting for 5pm to come around to go into the Canada history museum for free, the space museum was also free but I decided not to go to that.

Personally I felt I had seen everything I had wanted to, I saw all the building I wanted plus more from just walking around as well as an art exhibit and the museum the only thing I would want to do is walk around the shops but since I was majorly wanting to save money I decided to just stay in the hostel get up to date with blogs and videos as well as watching the last season of scream queens I had missed from last year.



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