Little did I know I wouldn’t be able to understand anything or anyone here, I assumed it would be just like Ottawa and everyone spoke English as well as French and had English subtitles on everything but oooooh no, most definitely not.

The hostel I stayed at here I definitely can’t pronounce but it was just a 20minute walk from the main coach terminal and was right in the centre of the old town Montreal, I can honestly say hand down I have not stayed in a hostel with better location I was staring at a huge old building that looked like some sort of palace or church maybe, I mean now it was an art gallery but the outside was still the same and I got to see that from my window. This hostel also had a good free breakfast so if you’re looking for a place with helpful staff, good breakfast and even better location this place is for you.

So my full day here was waking up eating breakfast and then heading out into the rain to walk around the old town for the morning, I soon ran back indoors as it was more like a storm than just rain and decided after checking the weather to just wait it out, not that you should trust a weather report but it did say by 11:30am there would be no more rain until the next day and that’s exactly what happened. So I sat had a tea and wrote some more blog posts whilst trying to dry off a little before venturing outside.

BeFunky Collaged

11:30am came and it was time to restart my day, I headed for the nearest metro station got myself a $10 day pass for the tube and buses and headed over to Mount Royal to head up the lookout point of the city,to get here you get the tube to Mount Royal station and then get the number 11 bus into the park so you don’t have to walk up the hill unless you want to that is. From the stop it’s just a short flat walk to the lookout point, I honestly just kept following the crowds of people and it seemed to work the whole day, after the lookout I continued to walk to the top to find a giant metal cross that I assume lights up at night but it was a nice walk even if I was just following the Tims cups to no avail.

Re-tracing my steps back to the subway station using the bus, of course, I headed to …. island to check out the giant dome thing there, unfortunately, there was a lot of construction work going off and I just couldn’t get a good picture of it without work fencing or something in the way. I did, however, stick to the activity of the day and follow a crowd of people onto a bus and off again and ended up at a huge theme park, I must say it did look really fun but it was $60 that I just shouldn’t be spending so I headed back by walking to take in some of the views of the park and river.

The last stop of the day was where I started my day and I wandered around the old town streets and along the old harbour front, this place looked like so much fun, there were zip lines, sky obstacle course’s, food trucks, shops and an inflatable area but yet again I didn’t have the money to spend on things like that. However, I did end up in Mc D’s yet again just for a drink but ended up ordering some poutine too and I shouldn’t have as I went for the bacon version and it was horrible I should have just stuck to the juice and water.


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