My last and final stop of my Canada adventure was of course Toronto. Here I stayed at the HI Hostel that was in really good location to most things with just a short walk.

I had a day and a half here and for me was just right, there wasn’t much more I could have done really I stuffed as much as I could in, 2 full days I could have done a little more but personally definitely no more than that. I decided to do the hop on hop off bus tour just to save time and get all the information about the place, I got a discounted ticket from the HI Hostel so it was a little cheaper for me but if you stay there you get that too, it also includes a boat tour of the islands just off Toronto that gives you the best view of the city I think and the ticket lasts for 72 hours so you have 2 days to use it as much as you want, good deal I think.

My first chosen stop was Casa Loma, a beautiful castle in the middle of Toronto and I’ve been told looks amazing inside, however, I chose not to pay to go in as I wanted to do the CN Tower when you’re on a budget you have to pick and choose these things. I then opted to stay on the bus until the first stop so I could listen to all the information, plus again i didn’t want to pay to go in things, the first stop was Toronto’s version of times square where luckily for me there was a poutine eating contest as well as free poutine and a big portion of it too so that was lunch sorted. After id eaten I hoped back on and continued round to the CN Tower where of course I got off and went up what used to be the tallest building in the world, stood on the glass floor the first as well! after id done I wandered around the area as across the road was lots of old trains and it was free to look at so i did that. The next stop was for the boat ride and this was such a nice ride you got to see all the islands as well as getting the best view of the city skyline in my opinion. I then road the bus all the way around past the stop I got on at and back to the times square place so I could do some shopping in the biggest mall I’ve been in to date.

BeFunky Collaget

My second day I had all morning and early afternoon to kill so I checked out of the hostel, put my luggage in storage, walked around the area my hostel was in to get some pictures including a fountain made up of dogs!!! not real ones but still and the second line of the dogs were all pugs!!!!!!! I continued to walk to where the Toronto sign is to get some pictures and as it was early there was no one there to get in the way thank god, I then hopped on the hop on hop off to get back to the street my hostel is on and headed to get my last white hot chocolate from Tim Hortons… for now and decided I would try a new subway it was good.

The last 2 hours I just sat in my hostel waiting to go get the subway and train to the airport to head to my next destination that is Peru.


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