If you’re coming into Calgary from the Grayhound you will need to have coins or card to pay for your train ticket to get to your hostel or hotel in the center.


Due to the lack of public wifi and real people in the transit terminals I got well and truly lost in Edmonton looking for my hostel 4 hours of being lost in fact, and as it turns out from the Grayhound station it would have only been a $20 taxi ride.


I had a huge issue with accommodation in Jasper, I originally booked a HI way out of the town center with no way of getting there, so I canceled this and opted for the one in the town centre what also turned out not to be there and more of up a mountain only 10minutes … More Jasper


Now I had already fallen in love with Canada, but once I got to Banff I was in awe it was so picture perfect words cannot describe how perfect this place looked.

Vancouver Day 2

For Vancouver I had some recommendations from a friend of things to see, do and places to eat and they were all very good suggestions as I did everything and I’m going to share them with you.

Vancouver Day 1

Welcome to Canada! More specifically Vancouver for now, I can honestly say I spent not even 24 hours here and I already fell in love. If you’ve not visited Canada yet you need to.

Fraser Island

I did the 3day 2night self-drive nomads tour, included pre and post accommodation at Nomads. It was a self-drive but opted not to drive as I’m no way enough of a confident driver to be driving all over soft sand and dunes.

Whitsunday’s Airly Beach

If you’re coming from the greyhound, cheapest and easiest way if your a solo traveler, the closest hostel to the station is the YHA. No, I’m not paid to keep mentioning them I wish they just so happen to be my favorite brand of hostel.