40/100 #100 HappyDays

So today I got my nails done all prettyfull, got my claws back now I’m not working. Feel like Barbie with chunky silver glitter and rose gold chrome stiletto nails actually in love 💕👌🏼💅🏼  Advertisements

My Story.

So it goes like this when i was younger we always went on family holidays so i’ve had a well travelled life from the get go and if you’d have asked anyone who knew me then i don’t think they would have ever thought that id have this much passion for travelling and seeing the … More My Story.


For you guys that don’t watch my videos this is a blog about my passport tag video but as a blog post too, if anyone would like to go it i TAG you all its so fun to have a look in other peoples passports and just well being nosy in general so lets have … More PASSPORT TAG!!


Im planning a holiday away with the family later on in the year, so that obviously means … SHOPPING TRIP! yes it is a bit early as nothing is yet confirmed but when we go it will no longer be in summer time so I have to buy up what I want whilst all the … More SUMMER LOOK