Partying in Bali

Bali well what can I say I have no clue what happened!!! I turned into the biggest party animal ever, people that know me even just a little will know I don’t like partying at all I hate nightclubs and if I have to party its a house party, I just prefer a quieter setting … More Partying in Bali

Perth Day 2

Today I went to see just what I came to Perth to see and that’s the pinnacle desert! That’s a huge desert with large and small rock formation coming out of the sand and its the only place in the world with them above ground like this.

Perth Day 1

Today I had a full day free to roam around the city and see what it had to offer. As it turns out the city is a nice place to roam around and just have a wonder but not lots to do so I headed out to Freemantle, a lovely old yellow looking seaside town … More Perth Day 1

Melbourne Day2

For Melbourne, I dint have to sort a thing I literally went on to YHA’s website and found a combo deal with 3 nights accommodation, penguin parade tour on Philip Island, the great ocean road day trip and a sky tower ticket. It worked out perfectly as both trips included meals too. Both tours were really fun and informative.

55/100 #100HappyDays

Today I moved on to my next destination that was wilderness and met some lovely new people, we ended up going into the village for happy hour cocktails 🍹 buy one get one free and then for a delicious Italian.