Weekend of Celibrations

This weekend has some how managed to be a fully packed weekend and ive not had days off like this for a long time where im doing something on every day off. As a lot of you know ive been busy doing a whole lot of nothing, nada and zilch sitting in bed catching up on tv that ive missed and its not because im boring its because im saving my money and even with doing nothing i still seem to over spend :/ just don’t ask .

So back to this weekend i feel like if im going to spend money i may as well spend it doing things with good friends and family. My first night out was on Friday having a nice catch up with an old friend ive not seen in years, we enjoyed drinks obviously and an Indian, just to add the drinks in the Indian were very very over priced for 2 single drinks it was near on £9 something so after the food we went across to the pub to get cheaper drinks!


On night 2 it was a family event going to the reception party for a wedding another nice night chatting to family and dancing with yet more expensive drinks :/ i just don’t understand why drinks cost so much.

and finally night 3 was a very nice meal out with some friends for one of my best friends birthdays, Wine on the go with lots of food at one of the nicer places to eat where i live.

Any way the whole point of this post is that ill soon be doing a lot more things with people in the up and coming months or i think i will anyway catching up with people and making good memories. Spending as much time as possible with friends and family.



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